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این آژانس در خصوص فروش، اجاره و دانشجویی فعالیت گسترده ای در قبرس شمالی دارد. در این وبسایت کلیه املاک با قیمت واقعی درج شده است و این آژانس تا جایی که ممکن باشد برای شما عزیزان تخفیف لازم را لحاظ می کند. این وبسایت مطابق با هر نوع سلیقه ای ساخته شده است و اطلاعات کاملی در خصوص اقامت تا خرید منزل و امور دانشجویی را در اختیار عزیزان قرار می دهد. لذا در صورت داشتن هرگونه سوال با شماره درج شده در بالای صفحه تماس حاصل فرمایید. از اعتماد شما پیشاپیش سپاسگزاریم. و

Agency Manager: HighRock Agency Manager


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Venura apartments are close to Yeni Boaz city park and are very eye-catching in terms of beauty. This place is very close to Magusa city and it is possible to move easily. One of its facilities can be called a swimming pool.
Number of buildings: 2

The project has been completed

detail of project


Snetpe Villa is one of the most beautiful and largest villas of this company, each villa has a separate pool. It is necessary to explain that this project is near the sea and each villa has a large yard.
Number of buildings: 5

The project has been completed

detail of project


Emerald villas have a special beauty. These villas have been implemented in Tuzla and are economically affordable. Among the facilities of this project are semi-wheeled stairs, open parking, air conditioning infrastructure, swimming pool, children's playground, security.
Number of buildings: 11
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Kurt 2

The sunrise and sunset can be seen in Court 2 project. This project is sold with 5 pieces of kitchen equipment in case of cash purchase. Its facilities include the installation of a barbecue and proximity to the sea
Number of buildings: 1
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Independent villas are one of the most beautiful villas in North Cyprus, which have a wonderful view. Barbecue facilities, separate kitchen and dining hall, LED rooms, kitchen with modern design, 60 square meters of entertainment area, granite stone, 200 square meters of yard and closed and open parking can be mentioned.
Number of buildings: 16
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Blue wave

This project includes the implementation of false ceiling, LED lighting system, specially designed kitchen, PVC windows, installation of air conditioner and piping, TV cables, smoke detector, barbecue system and Internet CCTV system.
Number of buildings: 1