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این آژانس در خصوص فروش، اجاره و دانشجویی فعالیت گسترده ای در قبرس شمالی دارد. در این وبسایت کلیه املاک با قیمت واقعی درج شده است و این آژانس تا جایی که ممکن باشد برای شما عزیزان تخفیف لازم را لحاظ می کند. این وبسایت مطابق با هر نوع سلیقه ای ساخته شده است و اطلاعات کاملی در خصوص اقامت تا خرید منزل و امور دانشجویی را در اختیار عزیزان قرار می دهد. لذا در صورت داشتن هرگونه سوال با شماره درج شده در بالای صفحه تماس حاصل فرمایید. از اعتماد شما پیشاپیش سپاسگزاریم. و

Agency Manager: HighRock Agency Manager


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Elite project is one of the special projects in North Cyprus which has 1122 properties. It has unique facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants and massage, sauna, restaurants and cafes and car rental.
Number of buildings: 94
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Sea Life

Sea Life project is one of the biggest projects in North Cyprus. It includes facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds, market, supermarket, spa, sauna, massage, barbecue and other places. This project is very close to the sea.
Number of buildings: 4
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Royal Life

The Royal Resistance project creates a suitable space for living with a great view of the sea. This project is located 100 meters from the sea and consists of 550 units. The facilities of this project include an outdoor pool and a children's pool
Number of buildings: 2
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Deluxia Sky

The Deluxe Sky project is one of the most modern projects in North Cyprus, which, in addition to being about 550 meters from the sea, has facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, market, fitness center. In addition, the land area of ​​this project is 2500 square meters
Number of buildings: 6
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Aris 2

Aris villas are one of the most beautiful villas in North Cyprus, which attracts a large number of people due to its considerable area. The facilities of this project can be mentioned as solar water heating system, car parking and market.
Number of buildings: 11
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Grand Safir

One of the tallest projects in North Cyprus can be called the Grand Ambassador project, with more than 1600 residential units, it can be called a complete project. Among the facilities of the project, the largest swimming pool in Northern Cyprus, restaurant, cafe, spa, sports club, casino, children's sports club, cinema can be mentioned.
Number of buildings: 6